Free Pick Up & Delivery*

Free Pick Up & Delivery*

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At Campus Scooters we understand that your scooter may be your only form of transportation. That's why we offer our Free* Pick-up and Delivery service. So why the * next to free? Because our Pick-up and Delivery services have conditions so that we can offer them for free. 

Pick-Up Service (Gainesville):

Our Pick-Up Service is always FREE even if you didn't buy your scooter with us! Call or text us with your information and we will give you a time that our driver will pick up your scooter. Subject to availability. We ask that if your scooter in operable and running that you bring it in to Campus Scooters for servicing as we do reserve our limited pick-up availability to those who are unable to bring their scooters safely into the shop. Bringing in your scooter can be done via walk-in or by appointment Monday-Friday 12pm-3pm. 

Delivery Service (Gainesville):

While we always encourage customers to pick up their scooter once their repair is complete, we understand that is not always an option. That is why we offer affordable and quick delivery options. Delivery costs for repairs over $180 are FREE all other repairs are a flat fee of $20. Picking up your scooter from the shop after your repair is FREE. 

Pick-Up & Delivery (Outside of Gainesville**):

Please call or text us for more information. 

*Not applicable to Electric scooters

*With Service, Sale or Repair

* *Delivery Charges May Apply

Storage may affect pick-up and delivery times

This information does not constitute a contract and all information on this page is subject to change. We reserve the right to refuse service. Terms and Conditions outside of this information may still be applicable. Valid on gas scooters only.